When Things Snowball

A single snowflake
floats innocently down

Joining others
to form a snowball

Now of sufficient heft
perfect to smite others

Flake upon flake
snowdrifts amass

Their collective weight
an avalanche making

Engulfing justice
in a furious blaze of white

But a single branch
of self-interest

poking through


Inspired by Daily Prompt – Unfurl




Our precious words we lock away
Save them for a rainy day

Imprisoned in our minds they stay
Never to see the light of day

Anxiously they pine away
Falling into disarray

Ideas once bright dimly glow
If only we could let them go

Across blank paper freely flow
Till new dawn the rooster crows

Weaving tales of wondrous lore
Shaking readers to the core

Alas, not yet, it’s far too soon
Maybe come next blue moon


Inspired by Daily Prompt – Paper