7 Day Black & White Photo Challenge

In the past few days, three fellow bloggers,
The Bag Lady, Miriam Hurdle and Leigha
Robbins have invited me to participate in
the 7 Days 7 Photos Black and White Photo

The basic requirements are to post 7
black and white photos in 7 days.

They are to be photos of your life.
There are to be no people.
There is no explanation.

I have put a slight twist on the challenge.
I am posting 7 photos in one day.

Magic Wand

Wish I had a magic wand
Always keep it strapped right on

Wave it once or thrice a day
Melancholy kept at bay

The trials of life imbued they be
Weighed down until no longer free

Doubts within begin to grow
Circumstances take control

Dark of night closing in
Gone is past future’s dim

Look at the flip side of the coin
In contentment all can join

As each new day dawns fresh morn
Hope eternal stands reborn


Inspired by Daily Prompt – Believe

Solitary Confinement

Find a place
An empty space

With no one near
Or media in ear

Purge mind of chatter
Bid adieu to Mad Hatter

Dump dissonant din
Embedded within

Take personal license
To gorge on the silence

Welcome closest of kin
Nature back in

Its melody sweet
Laid at your feet

Your soul to renew
As fresh morning dew


Inspired by Daily Prompt – Priceless