7 Day Black & White Photo Challenge

In the past few days, three fellow bloggers,
The Bag Lady, Miriam Hurdle and Leigha
Robbins have invited me to participate in
the 7 Days 7 Photos Black and White Photo

The basic requirements are to post 7
black and white photos in 7 days.

They are to be photos of your life.
There are to be no people.
There is no explanation.

I have put a slight twist on the challenge.
I am posting 7 photos in one day.

Things That Go Bump In The Night


Crazy, scary, whacky dreams
Nothing is quite as it seems

Everything gets juxtaposed
What is real nobody knows

Past is present, future’s lost
Must escape now at all cost

Try to scream but cannot speak
Want to run but knees are weak

Alarm clock’s ringing in my ears
Yanks me back from there to here

Fragmented thoughts still cloud my head
Thank God I’m safely tucked in bed