Lost And Found

Out on the street in search of me
Who is it I’m supposed to be

Into dark of night
Torn by inner strife

Craving meaning in life
But no answers in sight

Long shadows jumping
Hollow heart thumping

Self-doubt lambasting
Soul fragile from fasting

Voice in my heart
Shouts stop playing this part

Cease senseless searching
Cast off self-made hurting

In plain sight
Concentrate on the light

Residing within
Where it always has been


Inspired by Daily Prompt – Adrift

Our Hands Speak Volumes

Our Hands:

Give or take
Mend or break

Heal or harm
Lift up or push down

Applaud or heckle
Hug or hit

Build or demolish
Extend an olive branch or pick up a gun

Our hands
Bear the history of
Every touch
Of our lives
Good, Bad

Is your legacy to be one of joy or bitterness?

Inspired by Daily Prompt – Bitter