About Me & The Blog


I have been putting pen to paper since grade school, when I discovered it was fun to write essays.

I enrolled in my first journalism class in high school and graduated in 1970 from the University of Missouri with a Bachelor’s Degree in Journalism.

During a thirty-one-year career with The Gallup Organization as an analyst, my writing turned first to statistical research reports and later to predictive and developmental profiles about peoples’ talents.

Upon retirement, photography came to the forefront as a hobby. Most recently, I was introduced to the world of blogging.

Writing continues to grease the wheels in my brain and feed my soul.

While my husband of forty years pursues his passion for fly fishing, I hope to net a few more good ideas before the inkwell runs dry.

The content of Out of My Write Mind runs the gamut. In general, I’m serving up a side dish of solemnity with a dash of introspection and humor thrown in.  Much of my photography is inspired by nature.

I wanted the blog to have a retro look and hand crafted feel. I am by no stretch of the imagination an artist. I have created illustrations using rubbber art stamp images from the companies listed below. Modern-day photos are by yours truly, unless otherwise noted.

So make yourself at home and take a look around Out of My Write Mind.

I hope you find some topics of interest that strike a positive chord within you.

Oh, and don’t get spooked by the skeletons.  They chime in from time to time with their two cents worth, just for fun.

Out of My Write Mind is an award-free zone. Your readership, comments and enjoyment are more than ample reward for me. Thank You!

*Illustrations created with images from: 100ProofPress, VivaLasVegaStamps, PictureShow, PinkFlamingo61, Dragonflybuzz, Mountainside Crafts, Spare Time Supplies, Blossom Stamps, Boneyard Stamps, Blue Diamond Stamps, Yorks Little Art Studio, Stampscapes, Stamping Cache, Cherry Pie Art Stamps and Jim’s Rubber Stamps.