In A Nutshell #59

If we listen, we are heard

If we impart knowledge, we learn

If we show respect, we earn respect

If we care, we are cared for

If we give freely, we receive tenfold

If we are a friend, we have friends

If we lift others’ spirits, we feel joy

If we give love, we are loved

If we cultivate hope, it takes root in us

If we share our blessings, we are blessed

GOES around
Really does
COME around

Ragtag Daily Prompt – Boomerang

You Can Bank On It

Stroll along the riverbank
Follow the path
It’s no prank

Stroll along the riverbank
Talk with yourself
Just be frank

Stroll along the riverbank
Purge yourself of
All that’s rank

Stroll along the riverbank
Your new found peace
Mother Nature thank


Frank’s Tuesday Photo Challenge:  Bank