WPC: A Good Match


Hummingbirds and flowers
enjoy a mutually beneficial

In search of nectar for their
nourishment, hummingbirds
may visit up to 3,000 flowers
per day.

While the flowers provide them
essential food, the hummingbirds
in turn pollinate the flowers.

Interestingly, hummingbird
flowers are designed primarily
to attract only hummingbirds,
being red to yellow in hue, with
long, narrow corollas and
watery nectar.

Females, who rear their young
alone, establish regular feeding
routes carefully designed to allow
individual flowers just enough
time between visits to refill with

Hummingbirds and flowers…
a match meant to be.

WPC: Against the Odds


No call to run or scream or shout
Just because I am about

With pinpoint vision I zero in
On chosen prey I aim to win

Swooping down with talons sharp
Piercing quickly through the heart

Never killing out of greed
Taking only what I need


As Mourning Doves scattered in
all directions, a Sharp-shinned
Hawk, against the odds, managed
to skillfully score a meal.

My Little Chickadee


A Black-Capped Chickadee Pauses In The Rain

You always know when he’s around
Filling your ears with chickadee sounds

A black-capped fireball jam packed with speed
Dive bombs the feeder snatching a seed

Off to a nearby branch he zips
Turning somersaults and flips

Secures his prize between his feet
Chipping away till his meal is complete

Before you know it he is gone
All that remains his ‘Chee-Chee-Chee’ song