Happy 150th Anniversary

Nebraska became a state in 1867.
This year marks its sesquicentennial.

One of many activities celebrating this
milestone included a public art project
“Nebraska by Heart.”

Nebraska artists created 89 sculptures
symbolizing Nebraska as America’s
Heartland and the love its citizens
feel for their state.

All 89 Hearts will be auctioned this
Friday, with proceeds divided equally
between two Lincoln-based non-profit
organizations and the artist.

My husband and I sponsored one of the
artists, Ann Whitesell, who created the
sculpture, “Melting H’Art”, pictured.

She worked in the style of glass artist
Dale Chihuly, but using plastic formed
by heating, decorated with alcohol-based
inks. The effect is stunning.

My hope is that Nebraskans will take
interest in this worthwhile event and turn
out in good number to bid on the Hearts.


Daily Prompt – Interest

Daily Prompt – Percolate


If only the creative process
Would yield to intimidation.

The scenario would go something like this:

Alright you little buggers,
I know you’re in there
All jumbled up together
In a nonsensical mass

Percolating away
Back in the darkest
Recesses of my mind.

I demand you hold
Your serifs up high
And step forward
In a coherent sentence
This instant

Or else I’ll tear you apart
Letter by letter
Punctuating your demise
With glee.

And they say writers are unstable.