Saturday Afternoon Matinees


Sexual curiosity is in our genes.
As grade schoolers in the 1950’s,
neighborhood kids took turns
baring private body parts
in an empty garage, while friends
peeked through the windows.

Boredom set in quickly and
images of nudity evaporated
from our collective conscience
as we pursued other activities.

The arrival of raging teenage
hormones put the sexual pedal
to the metal, launching that
awkward ‘groping in the back
seat of the car at the drive-in
movie’ stage of life.

Today’s teens have technology
lending a new twist to the
realm of sexual exploration.
‘Sexting’ takes them boldly
where no one has gone before.

Nothing much is left
to the imagination or
to be discovered later,
at perhaps a more mature
juncture in life.

What were once fleeting sexual images
residing only in the mind, now
live on in cyberspace indefinitely…
images that can come back to haunt
people of all ages, at any time.