Sandhill Cranes An Ancient Species

The Sandhill Crane has one of the longest fossil
histories of any bird, dating back some 2.5 million
years. This is almost double the history of most
current bird species.

In late February, Sandhill Cranes that winter
in Mexico, Texas and New Mexico begin to arrive
in Nebraska as they migrate north to their breeding
grounds in Canada and the Arctic.

During the day, they feed in fields surrounding the
Platte River. In the evening, they seek the shallows
of the Platte to roost for the night.

This migratory stopover serves some 500,000 Sandhill
Cranes each year. They are a spectacular sight to behold!


Frank’s Tuesday Photo Challenge:  Ancient

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  1. Wonderful photos. Several years ago a group of sandhill cranes came over central Arkansas ans circled over our area. I took several pictures of them – it was so exciting. Have never seen them in our area again. They are beautiful birds.

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