In A Nutshell #41

Time and again
Those in the public eye
Wielding great power
Through accrued
Fame and fortune
Have fallen
Short of the mark
Letting us down

In the quest for
Exemplary models
The focus could be
Narrowed considerably
By concentrating
The search
Much closer to home

It is within
Common people
Uncommon goodness
Often is found

Word of the Day – Exemplary

21 thoughts on “In A Nutshell #41

  1. I really like this, Sandy. Do you think we expect too much from those people who fall short, or have their egos and power give them the wrong belief that they can get away with things that aren’t good and right.

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    • I think both can happen, but it seems we see more instances where the latter scenario is in play.
      People all around us have such potential to be positive examples and mentors. I wish we would recognize and tap that resource more.

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