Curmudgeons R Us


The time has come for a store
catering specifically to the
needs of seniors.

The following items would be
added to my Wish List

–An ear bud which adjusts the
speed of those who talk faster than
a jackrabbit runs.

–An App to instruct bewildered
teenagers how to handle legal
tender and correctly make change.

–A button to push which would
transform the robotic wait staff
of chain restaurants into real people
with personalities, able to
communicate without a script
to follow.

–A device to turn the latest
Windows release into whatever
version from the past decade you
prefer to use.

–A tool to instill a work and
service ethic in employees
who view customer interaction
as an imposition which cuts into
their chat time with friends.

–Clothing which is stylish without
tops that fit like sausage casings
and bottoms that slide off the
hips to your knees.

–Eyeglasses which automatically
adjust miniscule, well nigh
invisible print into a readable size.

–And last, but not least,
a magic potion turning back
the hands of time, so none of
the aforementioned are necessary.

2 thoughts on “Curmudgeons R Us

  1. Sandy:

    You have certainly been busy since your Colorado vacation, putting out blogs almost every day, it seems! I have been enjoying and appreciating them. The one today is really humorous and right on!!!

    Your photos have been beautiful.




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