Reality TV Gone Awry


So far, the 2016 Amazing Presidential Race
has been the most raucous, contentious,
perplexing, ludicrous event in recent history.

With Republican contenders’ Animal House
antics, they have barely stopped short of
hurling spit wads along with the barrage
of sophomoric insults.

On the other side of the political aisle,
Big Brother continues to investigate
Hillary’s e-mails, while Bernie dreams
of building a socialist utopia on the island.

Seriously people, it doesn’t take an
Undercover Boss to surmise there isn’t
a viable Presidential Apprentice among the lot.

Or even a plausible contestant to appear on
Dancing With the Stars, as it is painfully
clear they are unable to refrain from
stomping all over each other’s toes.

The burning question is, “Does America still
Have Talent?”

Maybe the fair citizens of our great nation
should consider launching a write-in
campaign. If only Charlie Brown was
available to run and would accept the bid.

After all, he is a true American Idol.

I don’t know about the rest of you, but
as I examine the roster of choices and
contemplate who might be the sole Survivor
still standing after election day,
I’m beginning to feel Naked and Afraid.