21 thoughts on “Coming To A Feeder Nearby Soon

  1. Awesome shot! I caught one of it fanning its tail out this week. I had no clue they did that. And then today I recorded these 3 hummers, who, I swear, looked like they were horsing around like they were wrestlers. It was the funniest sight. Just them whizzing around and then all of a sudden another dive bombs at such a fast speed and the two tumble in the air. I have 4 feeders and they moved from feeder to feeder to the point where you knew where they would go when they moved on. Such amazing birds. It’s a beautiful photo. Thank you for sharing!

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    • They are incredible birds! It’s quite possible the chasing and dive bombing activity was a display of territorial behavior. Hummingbirds are quite protective of their food sources. Especially males will chase other hummers away.
      They also are methodical in establishing a route they follow in moving from one food source to another….especially with flowers. They actually have the ability to return to flowers at just the right time for nectar to have been replenished. Amazing!

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    • That is crazy. I had always wondered how the heck they new when my feeders had juice in them, and the fact that they were there at all. It is crazy how they just “appear” from nowhere. I had thought that it was a territorial thing. They were going at it pretty hard. I have one who sits on this one feeder for long stretches at a time. At first I thought he was sick, but I came to realize he was “protecting his stash”. It is mesmerizing! They are so much fun to watch and so much fun to photograph!

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