Home Away From Home


My husband and I have been visiting Estes Park, Colorado
and nearby Rocky Mountain National Park since 1981.

We were there in 1982 a few weeks before the Lawn Lake flood
in the park, which sent water barreling down the main drag
of Estes, while creating an alluvial fan and small lake within

We were there in 1991 when RMNP turned 75 and again in
2016 for RMNP’s 100th anniversary and our 40th year of

We witnessed the devastation of the September, 2013 flood which
transformed the alluvial fan and recreated a small lake in RMNP
after all those years.

Just like our own lives, RMNP continues to evolve. Nothing can
remain the same.

The mountain vista view in this photo is one of my favorite places
within the park.

The wood bridge rails have been replaced with railroad ties, which
don’t have near the same ambience, in my opinion.

Nonetheless, each time I stand there and gaze into that picture
perfect mountain postcard, I know without a doubt that I am
home again.

Inspired by Discover Challenge: Finding Your Place

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