Mud Fest 2016


Considering the raucous tenor of
the 2016 Presidential campaign
and the first Presidential debate,
perhaps the traditional format
whereby candidates seek cover behind
their respective podiums and
sling rhetorical mud at each other,
should be modified accordingly.

In that all borders of civility
have long ago been breached, it
might be more apropos to dispense
with the pomp and circumstance
and dive right into the slimy muck
head first, with a ‘get down and dirty’
mud wrestling match.

I can see the headline now:
‘Don The Dominator vs Hil The Hellcat’

The media would eat it up, providing
blow-by-blow coverage and 24/7 replays.

Sponsors would scramble to get
a piece of the action.

And, it would lend that reality show
flavor to the proceedings to which the
American public has become accustomed.

Which would survive the fracas,
Donald’s hair or Hillary’s pantsuit?

Whether you choose to tune in or tune out,
be sure to cast your vote come November!

Inspired by Daily Prompt: Border

14 thoughts on “Mud Fest 2016

  1. This is great and makes me wonder. In this reality show/ tell all/ soak up and judge all the wrongs culture we live in, it’s soooooooo hard to tell these days what is “staged” and what is genuine meanness.

    My 96 year old grandmother just passed away in December. She could name every president since her birth in 1919. She was very vocal on her political views and I admired that. I can’t imagine what she would’ve thought of the election nonsense. That’s why I think this is so great. She would’ve laughed if she’d read it!


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