Everyone Is Somebody’s Lunch

A Sharp–shinned Hawk Perches On Our Bird Feeder

I was at my computer
when I heard
a familiar, loud thunk.

A bird had crashed
into the window.

In the best case scenario
it would eventually
recoup and
live to fly another day.
Or, it was
lying dead on the patio.

Fearing the latter,
I was reluctant to look.

When I
finally decided
to steal a quick peek,
I found myself
with a hawk
beginning to dine
on a dove.

In my mind’s eye
I saw the pure panic
of the dove
as the hawk swooped in
and, unable to scramble
fast enough,
exited in the wrong direction,
smashing into the glass.

Locking on my gaze
for but an instant,
the hawk
snatched up the dove
and flew away.

Hawks have discovered
suburban bird feeders
are a great place to
score an easy meal,
especially in
the dead of winter
when the ground
is covered with snow
and temperatures
are in the teens.

Stephen Hawking
has warned against
mankind’s compulsion
to broadcast our location
to the rest
of the Universe,
postulating that
alien life forms
may not be nearly
as cute and cuddly
as E.T.

They might just find
us to be
an irresistibly
tasty treat.


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