Psst…The World Is Out There

Moraine Park in Rocky Mountain National Park

A family of five was seated next to us…
a man, woman and three boys aged 10 to 16 or so.

They had snagged one of the coveted tables situated
by the picture windows at the Sundeck Restaurant
in Estes Park, Colorado.

After perusing the menu and placing their orders,
all five simultaneously fired up their electronic devices
and got to work texting, tweeting and gaming away.

A deafening silence fell over the table.
Not a word was spoken.

Meanwhile, outside the window within clear view were
snow-capped mountain peaks, aspen leaves fluttering
in a gentle breeze and planters overflowing with
vibrant blooms.

Not a single glance was cast in that direction.

The food arrived. Everyone chowed down.
A word or two wafted above the clatter of
knives and forks against plates.

With dirty dishes cleared away, the electronic devices
reappeared in a flash.

One more brief bonding session with the glowing screens
completed, and they were up and out the door.

Sunday dinners aren’t what they used to be.