Proliferating Produce

The warm weather crops in our garden
are beginning to ramp up production
with the heat and humidity of July
in full force.

These are the first of the eggplants, peppers,
cherry tomatoes and cucumbers harvested.

The vines are heavy with green tomatoes
yet to ripen.

26 thoughts on “Proliferating Produce

  1. Yummy and beautiful! Due to late frost and then being in the hospital, I got a late start, so all I’ve harvest so far is parsley, but today I think the Swiss Chard and maybe a green onion will be ready, and there were so many big green tomatoes last time I looked a few days ago, that I have hope we might see some color on them soon!

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  2. I thought I’d just check back in to say that I harvested a lovely bounty today: tomatoes, Swiss chard, cilantro, basil and scallions! I added them to the lovely Tuscan bean soup we had tonight.

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