26 thoughts on “From Our Cabbage Patch

  1. Oh, yum! I’m jealous. I got a very late start here in NE PA due to late frosts and being ill. So I’m just getting some tomatoes 🍅 and little sprouts of my basil, Swiss chard, cilantro, scallions and parsley I planted as seeds on May 27. A few I started in the house and they are a little bigger than the later planting. Enjoy your coleslaw! I have a great recipe for it. 😋

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    • Each year of late, May has been cold and rainy. We didn’t get tomatoes and peppers planted until early June. My husband starts them from seed inside, so they do get off to a quick start once in the ground. We are hoping for warm weather crops to be as good as our cool weather crops were. Time will tell!


  2. You had rain and heat and we had rain and below normal temps. But there are plants in my garden that have never looked better and have grown to jungle proportions. A couple of favorites however have got mold/fungus and have not survived. Your cabbages look wonderful!

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