Ticket To Ride


‘All aboard’ he cried
Departure time’s nigh

Come rain or shine
We’ve mountains to climb

Chugging along
Sure and strong

Plenty of steam
To traverse that stream

Down the track

Past river and pine
All in good time

No hurry to arrive
Savor being alive

Like days of old
In the rush for gold


My husband and I rode the
Durango & Silverton train
as part of our 30th anniversary
celebration. It was a wonderful
journey we had long anticipated.



Inspired by Weekly Photo Challenge: Anticipation

25 thoughts on “Ticket To Ride

    • It was a great time. Our seats were in the parlor car…last on the train
      with great views off the back platform and out the windows. I haven’t
      been on a train with dining and sleeping cars since I was a child.


  1. Sandy:

    This was a great post – great photos, great poetry. Thanks so much for it. I have printed it out and hope to cut and paste it so that I can look at it again and again.

    Your Harry and David package arrived last week – many thanks for the pears, apples and cheese. Thanks for remembering us at Christmas.

    Martha will be with us on Christmas. Time is almost here. Have a good Christmas.


    Neva and Phil

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    • I’m glad you enjoyed my post. That was a memorable trip. The scenery was spectacular. Bob and I have talked about returning sometime to ride the train in the fall.
      I’m glad Martha is coming for a visit.
      Have a wonderful Christmas.
      Stay warm!


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