Discover Challenge: Open-Minded


If I had a nickel for every time
I put my foot in my mouth,
I could have easily retired
in my thirties.

More than once, my razor sharp
tongue came within a hair of
slashing my own throat.

In 1972, the first companywide
meeting I attended as a new hire
with Selection Research, Inc. (later
to become The Gallup Organization)
included fifteen or so male associates
and myself.

As we circled the table with introductions,
I stated my name, briefly described
my job responsibilities and proceeded
to announce I was SRI’s token woman.

Lucky for me, CEO Don Clifton had
a sense of humor. He chuckled, rather
than issuing a reprimand or escorting
me to the door.

He was open-minded in looking beyond
my naiveté to see the potential lurking
below the surface.

Don afforded the same consideration
to innumerable others, always open to
the diversity of people and cognizant
that talent comes in a multitude
of packages.

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