I’ve Got My Eye On You

Scan0254I must admit to being
a bit of a voyeur.

I enjoy observing wildlife
of all shapes and sizes
going about
their daily lives.

The porch of the townhouse
where we stayed in Estes Park
a perfect vantage point
to watch nature’s pageantry.

A family of magpies
were regulars in the area.
As the juvenile continued to
squawk for attention and
demand food,
the parents increasingly
distanced themselves,
making it clear
the fledgling
would soon be on its own.

A gray squirrel busily
gathered pinecones
to see him through
the coming winter,
realizing it’s always wise
to have a savings account.

The hanging basket
on the porch,
filled with silk rather than
real flowers,
drove the hummingbirds

Repeatedly, they spied the basket,
Hovered near a bloom
and poked in their beak ,
only to discover they had been

By and large,
the parade of furry and feathered
found me to be of
little interest.