You’re Stepping On My Toes


There was a dance studio located
in a suburb
just a few miles away
from Kirkwood.

A rite of passage for preteens
involved learning
the basics of ballroom dancing,
while hopefully
picking up a few social graces
along the way.

Let’s face it,
there’s nothing quite like herding
a gaggle of giggling girls
and a bevy of
bashful, bumbling boys
onto the dance floor
to go toe to toe for an hour
week after week.

The roster of dance steps
included such archaic
all-time favorites as the
waltz, foxtrot, and cha-cha.

In short order, it became clear
there wasn’t a future
Fred Astaire or Ginger Rogers
amongst us.

While the dance moves
have long faded from memory,
a slight tinge of
from those days
lingers still.

One, two…cha-cha-cha
Three, four…find the door.