The Queen Of Grammar


Sixth grade was pivotal…
the year to lay critical groundwork
to assure a successful transition
from elementary school
to junior high and beyond.

I was in good hands
with Mrs. Corrigan,
whom I consider to be
the most capable
of my teachers at Tillman.

She was well versed in everything
from math and science
to art and music.

Most relevant in my case
was her mastery of
and passion for
the English language.

Mrs. Corrigan meticulously
addressed every aspect of
English grammar.

We spent endless hours
diagramming sentences
on the blackboard, starting
with simple subject/verb
combinations and working
our way up to compound/complex

I filled my brain to the brim,
learning little if anything
of consequence
about grammar
beyond her class.

Hats off to Mrs. Corrigan!