Where’s The Cheese?

It all began with the cheese…or lack thereof… to be more precise.
I had ordered my customary grilled cheese sandwich for lunch at Straub’s…
one of a few select foods I would actually eat during the first decade of my life.
The waitress set the plate on the table before me. The bread was a golden brown.
But hold the phone. Something was wrong here. It was as flat as a pancake.
Closer inspection revealed the problem…They had forgotten the cheese!

As Dr. Seuss might say:

Oh me!
Oh my!
No cheese.
A grilled cheese
Without cheese
You see
Simply cannot be!

Find the waitress. Summon the cook. Bring me a replacement at once.

And so it came to pass that the infamous grilled cheese sandwich sans cheese
became the subject of my first composition in grade school.
I discovered early on that while the word “essay” struck fear in the hearts
of many students, it made mine pound in anticipation.