Fandango’s Friday Flashback: 9/11/15

Scan0262September 11, 2001

Act like
Nothing happened
They say
Don’t be afraid

Just go about
Your business
Any other day

Out of sorts?

Join legions
Through the motions
In the midst of
Unending commotion

Move along now…
Here to see

A moonscape
Of debris
Five stories high

The collective
Of thousands
Into the sky

An eerie glow
Lights the night
Their souls refusing
To take flight

Welcome to the
Big Apple

Once the city
That never sleeps
Now reduced to
Empty streets

The natives are
Toss and turn

The rubble pyre
Continues to burn

But go on about
Your business
It’s just
Another day

Fandango’s Friday Flashback: A Post From 9/11/15

9/11 + Fifteen


You can run but you can’t hide
With terrorist threats far and wide

A night on the town, a trip to the mall
Who knows the next victims tragedy befalls

Fear is festering away inside
Slowly eating our souls alive

With each attack humanity dims
Creating for youth a future grim

How much more blood must be shed
Before we purge the streets of red?

The time has come to heed the call
Across all nations large and small

To come together at last as one
Proclaiming no more violence be done

Within lies love of such great power
All evil it can compel to cower

But as for now we’re along for the ride

For you can run but you can’t hide
From hearts wherein hate still resides