4 thoughts on “False Alarm

  1. I have always feared thunderstorms especially severe ones. As a child we lived in tornado alley and weather warnings including tornado alerts were a part of life from May until mid September. As an adult I reside far awày from this geographical area but thunderstirms still trigger the childhood memories and fears. I respect these storms and their potential for destruction.

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    • I have always lived in tornado country. Several touched down not far from childhood homes. It is frightening. I’m thankful we have a storm shelter in our present home, which provides some peace of mind when the sirens sound.


  2. When I was a child my father set up a make shift storm shelter n the basement. We lived in a single family rental dwelling. It was built in a newly developed housing section of the city. The sewage system was not properly set up. One summer after my dad passed away we had a severe storm. We were going to take shelter in the basement until we noticed sewer water slowly entering the area. Now that was scarry.

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