WPC: A Good Match


Hummingbirds and flowers
enjoy a mutually beneficial

In search of nectar for their
nourishment, hummingbirds
may visit up to 3,000 flowers
per day.

While the flowers provide them
essential food, the hummingbirds
in turn pollinate the flowers.

Interestingly, hummingbird
flowers are designed primarily
to attract only hummingbirds,
being red to yellow in hue, with
long, narrow corollas and
watery nectar.

Females, who rear their young
alone, establish regular feeding
routes carefully designed to allow
individual flowers just enough
time between visits to refill with

Hummingbirds and flowers…
a match meant to be.

36 thoughts on “WPC: A Good Match

  1. My first impression when I saw this photo was of a mythical flying, yellow-headed creature. Your prose brought me back on point, incredibly well written, and so true. Even more so than the relationship between bees and flowers.

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    • Yes, it’s a little different perspective from the tail end of the hummingbird. It takes a moment to realize what you’re looking at!
      I find hummingbirds intriguing. They are the smallest bird, yet are well equipped to survive and quite feisty to boot.

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