Call Me Old-Fashioned (WPC)


Nothing gets me in the holiday spirit
like pulling out my Christmas card list,
gathering up the stamps and address labels,
spreading my cards and envelopes on the table
and sitting down to send personal greetings
to friends and relatives.

When I was growing up in the 1950’s, we
always had a family Christmas card each
year. The cards traveled far and wide to
hundreds of people. There was a large
basket with holiday themed decorations
to hold the stacks of cards we received.

While I send far fewer cards today, I still
look forward to hearing back from people
and reading their notes scribbled inside.


WPC:  It’s Not This Time of Year Without….

15 thoughts on “Call Me Old-Fashioned (WPC)

  1. Now there’s a fond memory. We had the same thing and I always loved going thru the basket to see who sent what. These days an e-card seems the normal option but it’ s not nearly as much fun. Thanks for the memory!


  2. I still enjoy making my own cards. But postage is so prohibitive these days I send quite a lot of e cards too. But they’re no fun at all, even if I try to personalise them as much as possible


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