A Tree For All Seasons

dsc_0064Leafless now its form appears
Baring all it shows no fear
dsc_0011Thick of truck and fine of limb
Awash with blooms as spring begins
dsc_0163Green canopy through summer towers
Shading man and beast and flower
dsc_0051Ablaze in gold and red come fall
By nature’s beauty we are enthralled


Inspired by Daily Prompt: Tree

16 thoughts on “A Tree For All Seasons

  1. I adore your creativity. The words themselves seem to paint the picture of a beloved tree on description alone. The lovely photos that accompany them are icing on the cake. Bravo!


  2. Your opening lines remind me especially of Kahlil Gibran’s, “Now I realize that trees blossom in spring and bear fruit in summer without seeking praise, and they drop their leaves in autumn and become naked in winter without fearing blame”. Lovely post.


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