I opened the door Saturday
into a wall of humidity so dense
it took my breath away…
reawakening memories of
those sultry, sticky summers
growing up in St. Louis

Fireflies captured and held hostage
in jars with holes in the lids
to keep them glowing longer

Chocolate covered ice cream bars
dripping slowly down the stick,
along my wrist, right onto my
third pair of clean shorts for the day

Seeking refuge under the lush
green canopy of the forsythia bush
where, magically, the ground
always stayed cool and damp

Pitchers of lemonade and an
arsenal of salt tablets to stave off

After taking a bath, making a
beeline for the swing set…a great
outdoor hair dryer

Sleeping on the screened-in porch
to soak up the fresh night air

The endless days of summer
lazily ticking away, one by one

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