A River Roared Through It


The Big Thompson Canyon – July, 2015

Mother Nature has a mind of Her own
She thinks on a grand scale.

It was time to cleanse
The Big Thompson Canyon.

From Her mighty arsenal of tools
She chose water.
It would be flood, not fire or wind.

In September, 2013, the rains came
And came
And came some more…

Swelling the Big Thompson River
To overflowing.

Barreling down the canyon
Gaining speed
Like a runaway locomotive.

Gravity accelerating
The massive onslaught of water
As it catapulted onward
By man-made structures.

Carving out a fresh channel…
Chiseling away mammoth chunks
From the canyon walls
Tossing boulders about
Like ping-pong balls.

All the while,
Laying the foundation for a
Landscape reborn,
In keeping with Mother Nature’s vision.

The OLD Big Thompson Canyon
Is no more.

Almost two years later,
Its gaping wounds…still tender
To the touch
A blight to the eye,
Are just beginning to
Scab over.

The NEW canyon will be
In the works
For decades to come.

Mother Nature is in
No hurry.
She has all the time
In the world.